Welcome to Vince Buzek for RTD Board, District J


The Following People and Organizations Support Vince

Herb Atchison, Mayor of Westminster

Heidi Williams, Mayor of Thornton

Daniel Dick, Mayor of Federal Heights

Carol Dodge, Mayor of Northglenn

Steve O'Dorisio, Adams County Commissioner

Nancy McNally, Former Mayor of Westminster

Karen Stuart, Former Mayor of Broomfield

Pat Quinn, Former Mayor of Broomfield

Bryan and Kim Matzdorff

Will and Brenda George

Joyce Downing, Current Council Member and Former Mayor of Northglenn

Sharon Richardson, Former Federal Heights City Council Member

Rosie Garner, Former Northglenn City Council Member

Bob Briggs, Former RTD Director, District J; Former State Legislator; Former Adams County Commissioner; Former Westminster City Council Member

Bridget and Tyler Minear